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Patents & Publications

Monsanto Agricultural Products Company

Senior Research Group Leader*

(*Four positions of increasing responsibility beginning with Research Scientist)


  • Improve the iminodiacetic acid process yield using existing plant equipment in order to improve product purity and minimize waste.

  • Shift the focus of the process software group from simple maintenance and support to the identification, development and implementation of software solutions to production problems

  • Change the existing batch operation for the production of IDA to a continuous process to increase throughput.

  • Develop alternative routes for the synthesis of N-phosphonomethyl glycine, the active ingredient in Roundup.

  • Improve yields of Roundup in worldwide production facilities.

Significant Accomplishments

  • Led research that implemented four processes used in the production of glyphosate and key intermediates in worldwide production facilities.

  • Developed a general, computer controlled laboratory automation system that enabled the continuous feed of up to twelve reagent streams over any number of reactor vessels. This eliminated the need for expensive, large scale pilot plant testing of the alachlor production process.

  • Developed a LIMS system that collected and processed data from any number of HP-3392 recording integrators.

  • Directed all analytical research conducted in support of the Muscatine, Iowa alachlor production facility.

  • Research coordinator for the startup of the Fayetteville, NC facility and for technology transfer to Antwerp, Belgium production facility.

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