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Patents & Publications

Covance Laboratories

Director, Pharmaceutical Product Development


  • Implement programs to augment company's capabilities in providing contract research and development services. Incorporate these programs into Covance's overall marketing strategy.
  • Significant Accomplishments

  • Identified proprietary new market opportunity for Covance, wrote corresponding business plan, and presented to the operating committee (CEO and business unit presidents). Appointed to mergers and acquisitions team.

  • Presentations to large account clients at the request of Covance vice-president of sales and marketing.

  • Placement of the first "Team IND" Covance award, and three other such programs.  "Team IND" has since evolved into "Early Drug Development Services."  Dr. Richard, and Dr. Matthew J. Palazzolo, initiated this consultative service by establishing its scientific component.

  • Recruitment of scientific and regulatory affairs staff to support early development programs.

  • Developed HPLC/MS/MS methods for the quantification of ng/ml levels of proprietary pharmaceuticals in human, rat and primate plasma.
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    July, 2002