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Innovative Problem Solving for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Oncovage™ is a proprietary formulation designed to deliver drugs during liquid breathing. Although the use of pure perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in perfluorocarbon assisted gas exchange (PAGE) has been well documented by Furman and others, there is no precedent for the uniform incorporation of an aqueous soluble medicament in such a medium. Since perfluorochemicals are both hydrophobic and lipophobic, few medicaments (other than halocarbon based anesthetics) are soluble in neat perfluorochemicals.

To circumvent this problem, we provided HemaGen/PFC with novel HemaSperse™ technology, that produces stable, homogenous dispersions of useful pharmaceuticals in perfluorochemicals. These formulations can be used in liquid breathing to deliver the drugs uniformly to all lung tissue, including distant alveoli not typically accessible by aerosol or nebulization techniques. Although this technology is in its infancy, HemaSperse™ formulations have already shown efficacy in a rodent PAGE model developed at HemaGen.

wpeD.jpg (2267 bytes)The first product in this line is Oncovage™, a clear, stable dispersion of adriamycin (doxorubicin) in perfluorodichlorooctane, shown at left. A variety of chemotherapeutics such as adriamycin have been developed for treatment of lung cancer, but all are extremely toxic when administered systemically. This toxicity is exacerbated by the fact that dosages must be quite high to achieve efficacy, since much of the intravenous dose is delivered to other organs. The use of Oncovage™ for PAGE delivery of adriamycin should greatly ameliorate its toxicity, since delivery will be provided directly to lung tissue, obviating the need for intravenous infusion of this fairly toxic chemotherapeutic. HemaSperse™ technology applies to a wide range of therapies, and other proprietary formulations have been developed for further study.

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