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Oxyfluor™ - A perfluorochemical (PFC) emulsion useful as an oxygen transport agent, often referred to in the popular literature as "synthetic blood."  In reality, PFC emulsions have some characteristics that improve their ability to provide cellular oxygenation relative to whole blood.  Although they exhibit the drawback of a relatively short circulatory half-life,  they have proven useful in a variety of clinical environments.

Oncovage™ - A water in perfluorochemical microemulsion which provides the unique ability to completely or partially lavage the lung while still providing oxygen transport, through a technique popularly known as "liquid breathing".  The distinguishing characteristic of this product is that many drug actives, typically insoluble in pure perfluorochemicals, can be evenly dispersed throughout the medium, providing for drug delivery to lavaged areas of the lung.

Hemavist™ - A lipid emulsion of a gadolinium contrast agent, useful in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Taxemul™ - A lipid emulsion of paclitaxel, that reduces or eliminates side effects associated with the currently used Cremophor surfactant..


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